Summer Program

The summer program covers some courses, including Introduction to Chinese Character, Learn to Speak Chinese, Calligraphy Rubbings  and Sachets Making, as well as theme lectures and cultural experiences etc. These courses have colorful contents in various forms, combining classroom lecturing, enterprises visiting and off-campus cultural study. All help international students access to the beauty of Chinese Characters instantly. Meanwhile the international students can experience the original and unique customs of Han culture. The orientation of the program is to attract more international students to love Chinese Culture and interests in learning about China, to mark a good beginning for us to tell well the stories about China.

School  Name

Jiangsu Vocational Institute of Architectural Technology

Program Name

Han Dynasty Cultural Experience


early July

Language of Program

Chinese and English


Not confined to one country




1. Cambodia 2. Laos 3. South Korea

Application Time

 May 31, 2018

Non-credit program

Introduction of Program

2weeks, 72 hours

Lectures about Han Cultures 16hours


Stone Rubbing Workshop, student can keep their work 18hours

Folk Cultural of Han Dynasty in Xuzhou 10hours

Topic lectures and cultural experiences 8hours


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